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What’s a PAR? An A19? MR16? What are lumens and CCT? With today’s light bulb terminology, it can be difficult to know what to buy. But, with answers to a few simple questions, our Whirlpool Product Finder makes it easy to choose exactly what you need!


Government regulations have led to new energy efficient home lighting options, including LED. LED is so much more than TV screens and Christmas lights … learn more about LED compared to incandescent, halogen, and CFL and make the right lighting choice for your home.


Trusted by millions of homes for laundry and kitchen appliances, the Whirlpool brand now also appears on many other products designed to simplify people’s lives. See what people are saying about the Whirlpool brand’s beautiful, energy efficient LED lighting products.


Get the latest in LED lighting technology with the Whirlpool brand’s growing line of LED Lighting products that will be available at retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as online. New stores are being added all the time, so check here to find the locations near you!


LED Light Bulbs

Leave it to a trusted brand like Whirlpool to bring you a line of LED light bulbs that are designed to be energy efficient – they use 80-90% less energy than traditional bulbs, long lasting – you’ll buy at least 80% fewer bulbs, and 100% beautiful!


LED Light Fixtures

Picture a world without light bulbs … the Whirlpool brand makes it possible with attractive LED-integrated light fixtures that will last for years and years! Whatever you choose, Whirlpool LED light fixtures look beautiful and save you money.


LED Smart Lighting

With the Whirlpool brand’s smart LED solutions, soon you’ll have more control over your lighting than you ever thought possible! Dim the lights without a dimmer switch, change from task to mood lighting with the simple flip of an existing switch, or control your lighting from your smart phone.

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couple (1)

My wife and I recently installed the Whirlpool 4 and 6 inch LED can lights in our kitchen, and 4 inch spots in our living room. We could not be happier with the look, light, and efficient performance of these lights! The recessed lights we chose for the kitchen throw a clean white light that is perfect for lighting our countertop workspace without a hint of harshness. The spots we chose for our living room are a warmer light that makes the space feel very comfortable and inviting. Additionally, we can already see a positive impact on our electric bill. We have a lot of lights and the halogens we used previously burned a lot of electricity. The LEDs are much more efficient and economical. We love your product!

Tom & Katie G., Winnetka, IL

girl (1)

I just bought these new LED Whirlpool light bulbs and they are awesome. I was very scared — I have bought energy efficient light bulbs in the past and they have given me a headache. The light coming out of these are very natural; they are nice and bright. I like the fact that the light shines down and out, rather than up and out. And I have already noticed money savings on my energy bill. I now have my whole house switched over to LEDs. Thank-you for taking the time and effort for making light bulbs that are efficient.

Amy N., Marshall, WI

man (1)

My wife and I recently purchased our first home and it was an absolute no brainer to retrofit our house with the 4” Whirlpool LED Recessed lights. With 8’ ceilings, the 4” Whirlpool recessed lights put out an amazing amount of light and literally transformed the way the house looks at night. We opted to put all our rooms on dimmers and couldn’t be happier with the warm ambience these lights put out. Besides being a cinch to install, the best part about retrofitting with Whirlpool LED is the money saved on energy costs, my wallet is very happy with the decision to make the switch!

Frank F., Irvine, CA